Mebert Group is the managing company of the holding which unites a group of specialized companies that provide professional services to medium-sized business owners around the world.
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Holding Mebert Group
Corporate strategy
Operational optimization
Organizational development
Corporate culture and staff performance
Crisis management
Mergers and Acquisitions
Direct investment
Import and export
Direct foreign investments
Trade finance
Power over life is to be consumed by love of life. Happiness through self-realization. The author's method of achieving self-awareness and personal effectiveness
Managing portfolio investments in international markets, including stocks and bonds
Legal and tax advice abroad
New companies (start-up)
Venture investments
Web strategies
Financing programs and activities in support of Russia's international integration
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Mebert Group was founded in 2012 by international entrepreneur and investor, expert on organizational and personal development Peter Mebert, previously - a top manager of the largest Russian and international companies: Sberbank, British Petroleum (BP), The Boston Consulting Group, etc.
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